Customer reviews from Croydons Modern & Classic Used Car Sales Garage

Customers from Croydon and across London have trusted our service for years and we're proud to be able to share them with you. We not only pride ourselves on the quality and value of our cars, but on the highest level of service that we deliver to each and every customer that visits Modern & Classic Cars.

Great Dealer and Person to Deal With!

By Bruce C on 24 Jun

Peter was helpful with the whole process. From the first meeting thru to delivery and some post delivery matters. Highly recommend Peter.

Smooth buying process

By Daisy O on 14 Jun

Peter made this a really smooth process. I arranged for my dad and brother to go view the car as it was my first car. My dad is called Peter and so is my brother, so clearly you can trust a Peter! Incredibly happy with purchase. He was super flexible with us picking it up and very knowledgeable. My brother and dad were happy and confident to buy from him and I’m loving the new car! Thanks Peter.

Super happy with my new car ! Fantastic

By Brandon B on 22 May

Felt super comfortable when purchasing my car fantastic customer service, very knowledgeable! Made me laugh! Over the moon with my new car!

Great guy to deal with

By Gareth J on 06 May

He was open and gave loads of tips about the car and maintaining it properly.

Honest, professional and trustworthy.

By Gareth J on 04 Mar

Dealing with Peter was an absolute pleasure. Peter is a very honest man, he knows his stuff and I felt completely at ease with him. Above all he is trustworthy. I can’t recommend him highly enough. Peter took the time to understand what I was looking for in my next car. I spent some time evaluating a Mercedes I’d come to see and after a test drive agreed to buy it. Peter then took a huge risk and mentioned that he thought that a Lexus he had in stock would be a better car for me. I’m in sales too and that’s a big risk: once you’ve sold something you’re supposed to stop talking and take the money! But not Peter. Having spent some time with me he understood me well enough to make a different recommendation and he was right. In the end I bought the Lexus and I’m absolutely delighted with the car. I can’t thank Peter enough for his time and attention and would unhesitatingly recommend him to anyone looking to buy a car.

Honest, friendly and professional. Excellent!

By JESSE M on 28 Jul

I bought a BMW from Modern Classic Cars a few weeks ago and he was incredibly friendly and helpful throughout the whole process. His professionalism put me at ease and his honesty was very refreshing. The transaction was straightforward and uncomplicated, and I am very happy with my car. We had a nice chat afterwards and decided to stay in touch because dealers like this are incredibly hard to come by. I would recommend Peter's services to anyone!

Excellent dealer

By STEVEN C on 17 Jul

Honest man selling decent cars. Thanks Peter you are a good guy..

My lovely mini Cooper.

By VICTORIA C on 09 Jul

Superb!!!! The service was outstanding from start to finish. I was reassured and relaxed at all times. My mini is beautiful and considering it's age,It is immaculate. I highly recommend......

Professional/ affordable

By CHARLES D on 08 Jul

I bought a lovely Honda Accord yesterday from Peter. He was very helpful and professional. It was a very nice car and the price was very good. Highly recommend this gents services. He mentioned about how honesty means a lot to him and he would never cheat his clients. Very experienced at what he does and I will most likely buy again in the future. All the best Peter ! Regards, Happy customer. Damian.

Extremely good service

By LINDA S on 13 Nov 17

The service that I received was very good and I would recommend them to anyone.

Excellent service.

By MERCY M 10 Oct 17

Excellent service and professional.The dealer was very professional and delivered good customer service. I am pleased with my car its in a good condition as seen on the website. i would recommend any one of their service

Best salesman you can find

By JACOB H on 06 Oct 17

Peter was the best dealer I have ever met for selling such an amazing car. He was the most honest man I have met and everything he said about the car was true. Best dealer in Croydon for second hand cars

One of the best persom around

By Erblin D on 03 Jul 17

I would say that he is a very nice guy/honest. He has been the best person I have ever got a car from. Would definitely recommend seeing his cars and purchasing one.

Very good experience

By Theo D on 29 Jun 17

Very helpful! The car was as promised and the price was very fair. Overall a good experience.

Professional, friendly, straightforward

By SAJU K on 25 May 17

I bought a car from Modern Classic Cars recently. Not knowing what to expect and having had a bad experience with a cowboy dealer, I was initially cautious - no need with Peter The car as promised looked in great condition...Peter held the car for me whilst I got an inspection done. The transaction was straightforward. My feeling is that this Modern Classic cars speak for themselves so Peter doesn't need to do the hard sell.. We had a nice chat afterwards and all in all it was a very pleasant experience. Trust me, if a car looks brilliant on Autotrader and is being sold by this dealer, it probably is.

Mercedes bought in April 2017

By SAQIB C on 09 May 17

A good and honest trader.

Nice seller

By Mohammed O on 28 Apr 17

Very good experience

Great service.

By JOHN W on 31 Mar 17

My experience eroded my perception of used car salesmen. The man was professional and not intimidating. He was helpful and afable.

Very Good

By Dom C on 31 Mar 17

Fantastic Guy that operates Modern Classic Cars, very helpful nothing is to much trouble, bought a very nice Golf GTI which is going great. Thanks very much

Very happy buyer

By ALBERT T on 27 Mar 17

Modern and classic cars have gone out their way to make sure that everything was to my satisfaction. Their knowledge is second to none. I am very impressed with their knowledge and helpfulness. I will definetly buy from them again in the future. I am very happy with with my purchase. You can buy from them in confidence!

Fantastic service

By Nicholas M on 25 Mar 17

Excellent service. Was helpful in sorting out the car road tax. Fair price paid for a car in great condition.

Reliable, fast friendly seller

By EMMANUEL F on 24 Feb 17

Very good experience, was treated tremendously well by the seller who went the extra mile for me in helping me buy my first car with ease. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to buy a good quality car for a excellent price.

Fantastic service

By Barry P on 22 Feb 17

Modern Classic Cars is a one man dealer dealing from his house. This is the first time I have dealt with this type of dealer and I was very pleasantly surprised at how friendly the whole experience was. There was no pressure to buy. The cars that he sells are good quality second hand vehicles. I would not hesitate to buy from this dealer again. Very pleased with my new car. Many thanks to Modern Classic Cars keep up the great work ¿¿

Very good, thanks!

By Danny C on 04 May

I didn't buy this time but thank you to Modern Classic Cars for showing me the car and to Peter who was very knowledgable about the particular model. Wouldn't hesitate to go back in the future.

Amazing dealer

By Elaine A on 14 Sep 17

Great dealer, remained professional , got an amazing car at an amazing price . The owner is a very helpful man and very approachable. Very pleased with my purchase . My Mini Cooper is in amazing condition with low mileage. Very very happy lady .